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Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome your questions and thank you for taking the time to check us out and ask. 

Is this school only for Seventh-day Adventists?

No.  We are a Christian school that teaches the Bible with its foundational stories and principles, but believes in freedom of choice. Students and families from all denominations or no denomination are welcome.

Is your school calendar the same as the school districts?

Most of the holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break are the same as the school districts.  However, our beginning and ending dates may differ as well as some other no-school days.

If my child is advanced in one subject but not another, will he/she be able to move forward?

Yes.  Our classroom is geared toward individualized learning.  Your second grader may be doing fourth grade math and second grade reading.

Is there homework?

The only assigned homework is reading of the student’s choice every night.  However, if he/she does not complete daily classroom work, it becomes homework.

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School Hours:

M-Th: 8am – 2:45pm

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